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Tuesday, February 14, 2017



We don't have to have to be scientists to know that love is real. The love a mother has for her child is powerful; even though you can't touch the feeling of love, you know it is real. Hopefully we have all experienced the feeling of love of a parent, or the feeling of loving a child. And if we are lucky enough, we have also experienced the power of romantic love. Let's talk about romantic love. 

We all hear these sayings: "Love is powerful," "Love is all we need," "Love makes the world go around..." And in truth love is one of the most powerful energy on earth. When we fall in love romantically, we feel euphoria, an extreme surge of energy. We lose the need to eat and sleep - we are unstoppable, and feel like we can do just about anything. The feeling is a surge of tremendous power. We feel invincible. 

When we fall in love we can experience a sense of losing control, losing our grip, feeling like we are falling... falling deep into an abyss. When we are falling in love with our partner, we lose ourselves in him or her; we lose the sense of who we are. When we are in love we want to crawl into our loved one's skin and "be one". We spend more and more time with them. We stop pursuing our hobbies and dreams, and instead choose to spend more time with them than alone with ourselves. We want to give our partner everything in the name of love: our bodies, our minds, our souls. We lose ourselves in another, expecting the same from them. We totally surrender our inner power. 

Don't fall in love!! 

Instead, I invite you to think about rising in love. Love yourselves first; never lose love for yourself and the way you are. Stay in the center of you life. When you place yourself in the center, from that point of view your bucket is always full of self-love, and because of your abundance of love, you can give it freely without compromising yourself. When you are rising in love you surrender not to the person but to the experience of love. You are surrendering to love. 

When you are rising in love with your partner, you are not dependent on his or her love to be the source of your love and happiness - you already have it within you. You don't worry about the outcome, you don't worry about where it leads, you don't worry about how long it will last - you are being authentic to yourself. Rising in love means your partner is adding to your happiness and love, not creating it. That way you become true partners in love. 

When you are rising in love with your partner, the intention is to help each other - to allow each other to live the full expression of your being, lifting each other up to be the best you can be, freely. You want your partner to be the best they can be without limiting them; you are raising them up in love. When you are rising in love, your partner feels like they can accomplish anything because of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you are expressing towards them. Unconditional love means you let them BE who they are - no need to mold them to your vision and expectation. When your partner wants only the best for you and more than anything for you to just BE YOU, you then know how rising in love feels. 
Don't fall in love... rise in love. 

Love and Light

Lenka Spiska

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"You don't attract what you want.  You attract what you are"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to Manifest Your Dreams In 2017!

How to Manifest Your Dreams in 2017!

What is your biggest dream? What do you REALLY desire in your life: health, money, fame, a relationship, or career?  Setting powerful intentions is the starting point of every dream. Taking time to be clear about your biggest desire is an important step in manifesting your dream. 
Intentions are higher-conscious thoughts directed toward a desired outcome, purpose or goal. Your deepest thoughts and desires create your reality and your destiny.  An intention serves as a seed from which you create and manifest your dreams. Another way of looking at this is intention is the harnessed collective energy around us and within us, focused in a specific direction towards a specific outcome. Desire is simply a wish. Intention is a desire with a directed specific purpose, which is full of more energetic power. 
Few of us are aware of intention's extraordinary power! People who live a life of intention operate with a strong will and determination. They are committed to fulfilling their dreams and desires - and nothing will stop them. They see problems and roadblocks along the way as experiences for learning and growth. Regardless of the immediate challenge, they are certain they will succeed - no matter what.  

Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

To manifest your dreams you must have intention. Intention is in the realm of thoughts and feelings; it is not fully tangible to our five senses. However, intention gives meaning to our lives. Although an intention can be changed and redirected, intention is not something to "do."  Intention is more about living in alignment with the energy of the "Source," "God," or the "Universe." 

1.       Clear Understanding:  What do you want? What is the final outcome you want to accomplish and see? This step puts clarity around your desire. If you are not sure of what you really want, you can't really move beyond this point.

2.       Let Go of Old Programing : This is absolutely critical. Relinquish whatever you believe is not true for you. Understand your own truth - not someone else's. Often what we believe is someone else's opinion - it's their truth, not yours.  

Broaden your horizons; believe in the impossible. Do you recall Roger Bannister who broke track and field's most notorious barrier: the four-minute mile in 1954? Before he did, many concluded it was physically unimaginable, and now it's the norm. 

When doctors tell you it is impossible to reverse a particular disease, you must question yourself. Is that true, or it is just an opinion? There are thousands of cases of radical remissions documented; certainly you could be one of these miracles. 

Push aside the internal dialogue and the loud noise in your mind. Get into a state of pure awareness; it is from the silence and stillness of your mind that you create your intention.

3.       Raise Your Vibration:  In order to create and manifest an intention, you need to raise your vibrational energy to an emotion of feeling good, feeling content, feeling satisfied, and feeling happy. One of the best times to state your intention is right after meditation. Your intention will not manifest itself if you are operating from an energetic vibration full of fear, anger, frustration and desperation. Make sure you state your intentions when you feel good and you have inner peace.

4.       Involve Your FIVE Senses:  Intention will be more powerful when you use your five senses. For example, you might be dreaming of a vacation to Bora Bora with your loved one. Visualize it. Visualize you are already there - you see the crystal-clear blue water, the vibrant colors of the bright landscape, and the people smiling at you. 

Then enter the world of the kinesthetic (feeling). How does it feel being in Bora Bora? Relaxing under the evening stars? Rejuvenating when you dip your toes in water, calming when you are swinging in the hammock?

Imagine what you hear: the calming waves of the ocean, chirping birds in the waking hours, and the wind in the palm trees. This is an example of how to dive deep into creating an intention and sensing the reality of it.   
5.      Fuel Your Intention with 100% CERTAINTY!! Certainty is "absolute knowing." In fact, it is already in progress, it is on the way. You must be absolutely certain of this - even if you have doubts at the present moment. Without certainty the intention will not reach its potential power. People often just wish and hope: their feelings usually come from the energy field of desperation, hopelessness, fear and anxiety.

6.      Release Your Intentions: Let go. Surrender . We all have heard, "Let go and let God." When you release your intentions into a limitless field of energy, you can access the extraordinary power of what's to come. Of course, you have something specific in mind when you set an intention, but in order for an intention to manifest, you must release it like a huge exhaling breath into the Universe. 

Love and Light


For private coaching or teaching in a group setting about how to manifest your dream, feel free to contact me., Phone: 239-370-8588,

Friday, July 29, 2016

eBella Magazine Publication

Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut,” and I agree. The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is the CEO of our body’s systems. It is the ultimate energy power center. Just as Albert Einstein’s work suggests, everything is made out of energy. And in energy medicine, energy is the medicine. When we work with the subtle energies in energy medicine, we are looking to remove blockages, to bring the physical body back into its perfect flow and balance.
The GI tract is associated with the third chakra, located in the solar plexus over the adrenal glands. The third chakra corresponds with many vital organs, and is responsible for the regulation and distribution of metabolic energy throughout the body. The third chakra is known as the “seat of intuition,” the source of our self-esteem, personal power, and confidence. This is where our “gut feelings” are felt; if we are fully balanced in this area, we will shine with healthy self-esteem, have confidence in who we are, and have the will to inspire and empower people. Conversely, feeling insecure, possessive, angry, and fearful of competitors, or frantically trying to control our environment indicates an imbalance in the third chakra.
Of course, many of these subtle energies blockages are hidden deep within our subconscious mind, and accessing them is not an easy task.
In our society, we often run on autopilot or cruise control. We fail to consciously examine our lifestyle, habits, and stress levels, and seldom take inventory of our feelings or pay attention to our inner world – the very same world that is, in essence, creating our outer world. Not until our body brings this turmoil to the surface in the form of aches and pains are we ready to make a significant change.
That is where an energy healing session, like Reiki, can be effective, assisting us in achieving the alignment of our body, mind and spirit. Reiki brings mental clarity, decreased levels of stress hormones, improved blood pressure, and a reduction in anxiety, pain, depression and fatigue.  Reiki enhances overall well-being and increases vitality; the recipient gains the inner power to make the changes necessary to create a healthy lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

Love and light

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Health Intuition

In my practice I see my body as a pure, divine tool with which I can assess my wellbeing at all times. When I have aches, pains, or mere discomfort in certain area of my body, I know something is off in my energy field and my body is letting me know.
As health intuitive I am often asked how I am able to tune into and read other people’s energy.  Although there are many facets to energetic readings, one of the most important is to know your own body, mind, and emotions – essentially, know yourself completely.  Once you do, you can separate yourself energetically, allowing you to clearly access someone else’s energy without your own interfering.
In my Reiki classes I spend a lot of time empowering students to truly know themselves.  I teach them how to read their bodies and understand that their bodies are the ultimate tool to achieve optimal health. As you can imagine, I love seeing the metamorphosis!  As these students become Reiki practitioners, they experience the simple yet profound process of being connected to their bodies and mind on a level they had never before imagined.
It is a beautiful process to watch, and I love when students start practicing Reiki . Students report that they begin to feel, sense, and know not only their own aches and pains, but also those of people they are guiding toward to healing.

So when someone asks me, “How are you able to read people’s energy?” the answer is simple: You read my energy as much I read your energy.  Why and how?  Because everything and everyone is only energy!!  And there is only one energy, which means we are all a part of that energy.  We are simply learning to distinguish the energy within us from that within someone else, as our energy blends together all the time, whether we like it or not.  Have you heard the saying, “We are one,” or heard the term, “Oneness”?   We are all connected, we are just not always aware of that.  The people who are aware can distinguish the particular energy source.
There is no good or bad energy; energy just is.  You may view certain energy as bad, and someone standing right next to you will have a different opinion.  Just as when a group of friends watch a movie together, afterward each of them will have different views and opinions about it. Some will love it, some will hate it, some will think it was boring…. It is just a matter of perspective.
I love teaching people about health intuition. I believe it is my way of helping people to feel empowered about their health, and ultimately to improve their quality of life. If you are interested, please contact me.  And stay tuned for classes that I am planning to offer in the near future.

Love and Light
Lenka Spiska

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kids, School and Their Health: Ch. 1

From my own experience and from all The parents I have talked to I must say that we as parents know exactly what is going on with our children and their health, but parents do not find anybody who would understand and validate their feelings, their intuition their ” truth”.  Parents find themselves very alone with their child health issue, which is most likely linked with the emotional issue.  Why is that?
Good question.   Majority of Doctors are trained to treat the symptoms not to find the cause. So if you go to the doctor with broken leg or you need some surgery done, he will help you, but if you going to the doctor with chronic constipation, eczema or chronic asthma he will most likely not going to be able to help you.  Yes, he will give you some diagnoses and try different treatments, but once again that will not help with the underlying problem.
So what is the problem?
Every dis- ease is only reflection of something being not in balance. As human we must   heal from all aspect of being. Body, mind and soul.
When you healing the body you are dealing with the physical part of our existence.
Diet, exercise, vitamins and such. If your health issue isn’t chronic, most likely this part of healing is very Successful.
When our body doesn’t heal after trying all the physical modalities I have mentioned, then you know your heal issues are in correlation with your thoughts and belief system.
Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings will manifest in your body. We have over 50.000 thoughts a day, and majority of them repeat over and over. Being AWARE of thoughts is great beginning
There are many great books explaining this amazing correlation between our body and mind like you can heal your life by: Louise Hay, or buried feelings never die by Carol Truman.
We are spirit living in a human body and having human experiences. When children are born they are one with the source (god, universe etc.). The longer they live on earth the more they become more distant from the source and they become more molded to the human way of life. Keeping healthy balance between the body and spirit is very important. We become some occupied with the earthly life that that we forget to check with our Essence, spirit, and source. How do we do that?
Meditation, walk in the nature, diving, gardening, signing, painting, creating…..simply find a joy and be in the moment. That is when you connect with spirit and create balance. When your body mind and soul is in perfect balance and you create an awareness of the discomfort you or your child is experiencing you become more empowered in the process of healing.  Become partner with your medical staff, research different healing modalities, herbs and vitamins and most of all trust your gut that you know more about your body and your children’s body than anyone else!
Empower you and your children by believing that we are in charge of our bodies and our health and we all are powerful healers!

Love & Light
Lenka Spiska

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kids and Change

We often hear that our children are our future.  Let’s invest in our children because they are our future.
If you really think about it, all we need to be aware of is that just because they are small doesn’t mean that they are not wise.
Do you remember the movie Benjamin Button?  Brad Pitt was born as a wise old man and died like a little baby.  Well, I feel there is some truth in it.  If you are reading this newsletter, you are probably open to the concepts of reincarnation and past lives. I believe our children have been on Earth many times, and they know what they are here to do.  They are here to change our belief system.  They are here to teach us to love unconditionally, like they do.  They are here to teach us that we have to believe in ourselves.  But they also need our help with their purpose.  How can we help?  By believing in them, trusting them, and more than anything not taking their power away.  You may still ask, “How exactly do I do that?”  Simple.  If you see recurrent behavior issues with your child, most of the time you want to “fix” or “correct” the problem.  You will try anything, like time out, grounding, maybe even therapy.  With today’s children, that doesn’t work.  You remember I mentioned that they came here to change our belief system?  Well, the problem isn’t them:  the core of the solution lies within YOU.  They are just lovingly holding up a mirror.  If you want to change the way your child behaves, start being aware of your surroundings and pay attention to how your children are acting.  For example, if you are fed up with your job, you may see a parallel situation occur with your child: they may have a not-so-nice friend who clearly takes advantage of them, causing you to get upset that they do not stand up for themselves, and resulting in you telling them what to do.  You give them more advice, and you get even more upset.  But if you really want them to be courageous, you have to demonstrate courage; they will mirror you.  You want to stop them from yelling?  YOU stop yelling.  You want them to make better choices?  YOU make better choices.  You want change?  YOU be the change.

Love & Light
Lenka Spiska

Living in Transparency

In many ways, we are living very differently from our ancestors. Life is easier: we do not have live in fear to survive on a daily basis, our material world and its goods make our life easy and convenient. Our life is also becoming very fast. One thing that I often ponder is how very exposed our life is compared to prior generations. Today, you never know when and how you can be watched, recorded and viewed on the Internet for everyone to see.
As much as the thought of someone always watching is little freaky, I also see ways that we can benefit from such transparency. There have been many instances where we watched a recording of something funny and cute, or a recording of someone whose exceptional good deeds or talents had a tremendous impact on others, and when that recording is shared with the public, it serves as inspiration and the effect is truly priceless. I love these videos!
On the other hand you see videos of our fellow humans acting cruelly toward others, or abusing animals.   Or video captures of people who misuse their power to gain even more power, like politicians, or doctors, or lawyers, or bullies at school… the list goes on and on.
Is there a positive side to living in transparency?  When we live in the glass, we have to understand that every action, every move may be watched and that our action may be shared with others. When we are living with this kind of transparency, it could make us more cautious with our words and actions. I believe with this huge shift of transparency we will be able to see everyone for who they truly are without the “face” they are trying to put on for the public. People will understand that any given moment, someone could be watching and listening. So what do you think? Do you think living in the glass and being transparent will make us more responsible with our words and actions?   I would love to hear from you!

Love & Light
Lenka Spiska

Monday, July 25, 2016

You are a Medical Intuitive

Our society today is programmed not to feel discomfort or pain. We do not like to feel anything that makes us uncomfortable. If we are in pain, what is the first thing we do? Take a pill. And what is worse? When we take a pill just in case we might feel pain or discomfort. That is insane!
Many of us are very disconnected from our feelings and the feelings of our physical body. We don’t know the true language of our body. We were programmed to be perfect, so when imperfection crept in disguised as pain or disease, our first thought is to just get rid of it, ASAP. We never stop to ask what the potential cause is. Then, when we suffer with the same problem again later, we are surprised! Maybe we just didn’t spend enough time finding the cause; we only addressed the effect.
Our body is our divine tool.  We are supposed to be in full communication with this tool. If we get a cold, our body is telling us that we are exhausted and need a rest in bed. But do we listen? We reach for an over-the-counter medication and continue with our day. How about signs like acid reflex, eczema, or chronic lower back pain – what is our response? “Oh, that is uncomfortable… it must go away.” These signs of discomfort are a form of communication.
Most of the time we ignore these clear messages from our bodies, and we can’t be blamed, right?  We were programmed to numb our pain, manage it by taking medicine.  But this only masks the problem; the issue isn’t fixed, we just don’t feel it anymore. We place a bandage over it, so it is not visible. Even conventional medicine operates this way: the doctors are not trained to find the “core” of the issue, they are trained to manage the pain so that people “feel” better – instant gratification.
People wonder, “What is medical intuition?” It is a communication of the body on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A medical intuitive is a person who senses, feels, or sees the CORE issue of the physical manifestation. Sometimes there are a few core issues that go together. Over time one issue exacerbated another, creating layers like those in an onion. The key is to peel the onion, slowly, with much compassion and love.  Our physical body is just a reflection of our inner self. Our true thoughts and feelings (from which people try to hide and disconnect) are manifested in our bodies. I am not talking about positive and negative thoughts. I am talking the inner dialogue we have with our selves on a daily basis for years, or even decades. Our habitual thoughts create the reality we live in. A medical intuitive is able to connect the dots and help people see how their thoughts and feelings contribute to their physical health.
We can all become our own medical intuitives; we can shine a light on our “core” issues, and start our healing journey with much more clarity. And the healing doesn’t come in the form of a pill – it becomes part of our lifestyle. Healing is a lifestyle. It is the way we decide to live our life. It takes a total commitment from, and to, the body, mind and soul.
If you are interested of learning more about this topic, please join me in my new, upcoming workshops.

Love & Light

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bullies Need Love Too

What is bullying really, you may ask.  Depends who you ask.  Older generations called it “just part of growing up.”  Today’s parents are very concerned that the interactions between children are out of control.  I have taken an interest in this subject, and would like to share my observations, my personal findings, and, of course, my take on it.
We as humans are evolving, not only in the areas of technology, science, health and comfort, but also in the way we treat others, or rather, the way we expect others to act.
Although older generations may have experienced bullying and injustice as children at school, they also had much more freedom to defend themselves as they chose.  But now, children are all but required to inform the teacher or another adult.  That sounds like a good plan, but did anyone think that the bullies may actually use that system to their advantage?  You may wonder, how? Let me share what I have learned from frustrated parents, and even witnessed myself.
The kids know who the bullies are.  The problem is that the bullies have way too much confidence and not enough character, and the “good kids” have great character and not enough confidence.  What does that mean?  The “good kids” often will not say anything to the authorities.  Not only have they learned not to be a tattletale, but they also usually lack the confidence to talk to adults who could help them.  At the same time, the bullies have figured out that they can actually bully a child, and then falsely accuse the victim of misbehavior to get him in trouble.  Amazing?  How about creating a “Bully Box”?  Great idea — you just anonymously write the bully’s name on a slip of paper, put it in the box, and the bully will receive appropriate consequences.  Well, the bullies have figured out how to use the box, too. They actually write down the names of the kids they bully and place it in the Bully Box!  I am sorry, but I just don’t see this being very effective. The bullies attack when they have no witnesses, so teachers will NEVER see it; bullies are not stupid — they know what they are doing.
Do I have a solution?
I have been working with children in various capacities for many years, including volunteering in schools.  And as a mother, I couldn’t help but become very aware of bullies and their tactics. I also have known them personally, and I came to this outlook on the situation.  You hear more and more about bullying in the news, and the most commonly proposed plan to eliminate the problem is to punish the bullies, thereby eliminating the effect of their actions. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work.  In my opinion, if you want to eliminate the effect, you must find the root of the cause.  I have a very strong desire to bring awareness to this serious issue from an angle you may have not considered.
Mother Theresa was once asked “Will you join us in our anti-war demonstration?”  And she said no.  The requestor was very surprised and asked why not?  She replied, “When you are going to have peace demonstration, then call me; I will come.”
I think what she was trying to say is that if you concentrate on the negative, then that is exactly what you going to have more of.  The key is to focus our energy and thoughts on love, acceptance, compassion, understanding and peace.  Let’s stop punishing bad behavior, and instead acknowledge the good deeds.  How about rewarding random acts of kindness?  We already know that usually spreads like wildfire and people love it!  Kids love being acknowledged and praised; why not use it for a good cause?  Reward them for being kind without being asked to, or for inviting a lonely child to play when no one else does.  I know there can be plenty of reasons to recognize good behavior toward peers.
All the psychologists in the world would agree that bullying is acting from a lack of love. Bullies do not feel loved or lovable.  I have met many bullies myself, and I must say that when I show a genuine interest in them, and converse with them for few minutes, they get little sparkle in their eyes.  A sparkle of love…of hope…these children are the ones who need the most help!  Let’s acknowledge them, let’s have a plan for how can we bring more love into their lives!  This is not just a job for our schools and teachers.  The children are our future; let’s recognize the need to bring more love to one another so the children have living examples, not just a textbook rule to follow.  Sometimes it just takes a smile or compliment to that child, or even to a fellow human being — you never know who is witnessing your kindness…maybe the bully.  Let’s start a LOVE REVOLUTION… NOW!
Do you remember the Beatles song? ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!

Love & Light

Friday, July 22, 2016

When Love is Missing In Our Lives

CNN had a special where Dr. Sanjay Gupta talked about how addiction among children has skyrocketed to a high of 64%.
Wow, that is scary, and it made me think, why?  Why are we facing this problem with our new generation?  What can we do to change it?
Children’s brains continue to develop until 25 years of age; they are much more susceptible to addiction if they start at a young age.  I strongly believe that addiction is simply filling a gap for something that is missing in a person’s life, and that something is LOVE. Think about it. If you truly love yourself unconditionally, you wouldn’t want to harm your body and yourself. Why are you lacking love? Maybe you did not receive enough when you were a child, or maybe you did not see your parents give love to themselves and you simply learned by example.
When people feel empty inside, which really means they yearn for love, they unconsciously search for how to fill the void or the emptiness, and how stop the uncomfortable feeling. They feel they are not good enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, etc. Then the mind becomes sidetracked and wants to change the feeling. That is when the person starts to reach for the food to comfort them, or the alcohol to numb them, or drugs to help them escape, or just simple mindless shopping to make a person forget about the true feeling they experienced earlier. The only way we will stop addiction is when we deal with it from the inside out, not from the outside in.
We are the example to our children; we are the mothers and fathers of our future generation who will be part of shaping this great nation.
Children’s brains are like empty vessels. We are responsible for overseeing what is being poured into the vessels. Be aware what is being poured into your child’s vessel. Is it love?
Did you notice that when you are on vacation with your kids and having just the best time ever that you forget to have the extra cup of coffee? Or that maybe you do not need that glass of wine at night?  Children, too, may not be constantly asking about their sweet treats and snacks when they are so busy having fun with you.   Kids, just like adults, yearn for the love, not the chocolate…that is just a substitute for love.  When our hearts and minds are full of unconditional love, there is no room for anything else. Set an example and give yourself permission to receive love and feel love without feeling guilty, and pay it forward to break this vicious cycle of addiction we are facing today. All you need is love.
Love yourself today, and pay it forward!!!

Love & Light
Lenka Spiska

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pedal to the Metal

I am still amazed not only by the fact that are people stressed every day, but also by the fact that they are not even aware of it. They are stressed daily to the point that their body is running on autopilot. It’s like driving your car and leaving your foot on the gas pedal the whole time.
Let’s stay with the car metaphor: A lot of people think of their car as an extension of who they are. They feel different when driving a minivan than when driving a flashy, expensive sports car. And we sure do like our cars!  We take care of our car – we want to make sure it takes us places safely. To do this, we do a lot of preventative care: tire rotations, oil changes. We are attuned to our car: when it squeals, we check the engine; when a part is damaged, we replace it; when we have no gas, we refuel it with appropriate fuel.  And when a red warning light shines from the dash, we sure pay attention!
So why don’t we care for own body the same way? Why do we drive our body to near-fatal exhaustion – why do we drive our body as though we have the pedal to the metal? Why do we ignore our body when the red light goes on? We rarely refuel our energy, and hardly ever get an oil change.  We drive our car hard, even though it is rusted, beat up, and aglow with dashboard warning lights. And yet we still expect our cars (bodies) to function as well as they did the day we bought them, asking ourselves, “Why don’t I run as well as I did in my twenties?”
Can you see how we mistreat our body… the only body we have and are ever going to have? Our body is here for us to take us wherever we want to go, our body will do for us whatever we wish, our body is miraculous – it is healing itself every living second! It is always striving to live… not die! It is trying so hard to be at your service, just like the car in your garage. So please, love and care for your body – love the way it looks, the way it speaks to you, the way it functions for you. It is unique, and it is yours!

Love and Light

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Your Power is Being Tested

Today on news I had watched horrifying event when boy being beaten and no one helped. At the same time the bad guys videotaped it and released this event to the media. The brave boy decided to take the matter in his own hands and came forward publicly, and spoke about his unfortunate experience.
That is truly brave soul. When we literally get beaten down by someone fyzickly or emotionally, our natural respond is to hide from everyone and question ourselves WHY ME?  It is very hard to feel so violated and feel so helpless on many levels. It feels like no one cares and you probably just deserve it, so you will hide the memory of this terrifying event, deep somewhere in your DNA and your mind will try to forget that ever happened.
If you reading this and that story resonate with you, maybe I can help you to see it from different angle.
You are true warrior. You feel comfortable in your skin and you radiate that to the outside world. Most people admire that with small little desire that they wish that they as well feel and act like a warriors. Stand strong for their beliefs. Some people do not care whatsoever, they are busy with they own little world to survive.  However there is last group of people who wants and need to are warriors, but they need your power in order to feel like warriors. This group of people could be anybody like an abusive spouse, or friend who constantly makes you feel inadequate, boss who you intuitively know hates your guts and sabotages everything you do or worse trying to fire you, because you are threat to him and he just protecting his own cushy job.
When Universe challenge your power and warrior archetype sometimes to the level of public humiliation, public beating….then you must think very hard what to do next.
Jesus was also publicly humiliated beaten and then killed. He also was a true warrior; he fought with kind words, love and compassion. The oppressors were very intimidated and wanted to take his power away from him. He stand strong with his believes and with his strength and because he done exactly that, he empowered others and his story is powerful to this day.
So next time you are faced with situation when naturally you want to hide away from the outside world and feel like a victim.  Try to think how you can take your current situation, turn it around and prevent more people to go thru the pain as you did, and how can you empower someone with your story.
You are the true warrior; when you fight back with inner power, love, conviction and true desire to make this world better place for others.
Open your heart and share your story today.
Love and Light